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My name is Kahramon Tachtemirov.I was born in the region of Jizzak which is 60 km east of the legendary city of Samarkand. When I was a child at 6-7 years old I often came to Samarkand with my parents and with my grandparents to visit. Our visit to Samarkand at its medieval monuments of Samarkand like the famous place Registan, Timurids’ mausoleum and its mosques With its Turkish servants who attracted me a lot with interesting stories on the Silk Road of the Guides. During our visit to Samarkand we had our guide to tell us the story and the legends about Samarkand and listened to them with all my attention And all my presence, I was very fond of listening to them and those they said because their story reminded me of the legends and the narrative of my parents. When I returned home I lived with its stories and my legends and I I knew that I was often in the seventh layer of heaven. This pretty story of Samarkand, I decided to come and study at the Unity of Samarkand. After finishing my studies in two faculties of history and the French language in Samarkand. In 2002 I arrived tourist office in Samarkand and I started to realize my desire, to be the guide and to tell pretty story to my Customers. My guide work is started with full of good result. Grace this guiding profession, in 2008 we were able to set up a Salom Travel Service travel agency with our professional Guides friends who are also my friends from the ” University. The grace of the interests of our guides and our professionalism in 2009 we are invited to Kyrgyzstan to improve the course of Guides of the Countries of Asia. In 2011 our agency and our Guides are found of the best guides and operator of the Country and they are invited In France and Europe.Our travel agency Uzbek Salom Travel Service located in the heart of Samarkand (www.salom-travel.com/french).We are great specialists of a cultural tour of Trekking, stroll and I allow myself to propose you trips on The mythical “Route de la Soie” and we organise the cultural visits; Hiking, trekking, in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan (Turkmenistan, Kazakstan).
Our travel agency offers you the following travel and services !!
→ Traveling to Uzbekistan by the maps:
→ Historical cultural journey on ancient sites of the silk road in Uzbekistan in Central Asia and Asia:
→ Active travel, sports (trekking, strolling and camel riding, fishing, traveling on rivers) in Uzbekistan and Central Asia:
→ Tour for people with disabilities:
→ The combined circuits:
→ Ecotours in national parks:
→ Overnight stays in the inhabitants and in the Yurt:
→ Organize the trip to the preparation of the meals in the inhabitant:
→ Booking tickets for Trains (HST Afrosiob, Sharq, night trains and others):
→ Bookings of airline tickets for domestic flights:
→ Professional guide services in different languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Check, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese):
→ Tips for individual and group travelers to Uzbekistan and Central Asia:
Dear travelers make your discovery with our agency Salom Travel Service. Our Tour Operators and Professional Guides will make you better service during your trip to Uzbekistan and Central Asia. You will heat your heart with human warmth of Uzbek people and Central Asia. You will share their way of life and you are always our dear guests
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