«O’zbekiston kelajagi buyuk davlat»
(East Uzbekistan is a state with a great future.)
Citation of I.A. Karimov.

Chapter I: Uzbekistan, a country to discover

Geographical overview of Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan is one of the great countries of Central Asia. It occupies the central place in Central Asia. This country lies between two great rivers, Amu-Daria and Syr-Daria. Its population is close to 31 million inhabitants (2015). It is one of the fifteen former republics of the USSR. Uzbekistan has been an independent state since 31 August 1991.
It is located on the following coordinates: 41 ° north latitude, 64 ° east longitude. Its surface area is 447,400 km2. It extends 1,425 km from west to east and 930 km from north to south. The time zone is UTC + 5. It occupies 56 of its surface area in the world. 90% of Uzbekistan occupies deserts, 10% belong to rivers. The country has no ribs. Uzbekistan does not have access to the sea. Its neighbors are 5 states;
Kazakhstan (north and west), Turkmenistan and Afghanistan (in the west and south), Tajikistan (in the east) and Kyrgyzstan (in the northeast). The Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakie is a component part of Uzbekistan. The total length of the borders of Uzbekistan is 6221 km:
137 km with Afganistan,
2.203 km with Kazakhstan,
1,099 km with Kyrgyzstan,
1.161 km with Tajikistan,
1.621 km with Turkmenistan.
Uzbekistan 420 km odds on the Aral Sea. The highest point of its mountains is 4643 (Khazrat Sultan)
Distance from France: + -6000km