Traditions and Uzbek rites

The hospitality and respect of older people are the main features of the Uzbek family. Usually the Uzbeks live in large families made up of several generations, which is why great houses are built on the land. The tea ceremony is the component of hospitality. It is the master and mistress of the house who infuse and pour tea to the guests. If you have accepted lunch or dinner invitations, you should always come in time. We only shake hands with men. One greets when approaching the right hand of his heart and with a simple inflection of the head with the women and the persons seated at a distance. During the handshake traditionally one is interested in health, the state of business, work and at home. Usually women do not sit at the same table with men, so as not to prevent their conversation. It is necessary to take place, which indicates the master and the mistress. The place the most far from the entrance is the most honorable.

The rites of the Uzbek people were formed over the centuries on the basis of the traditions of all the tribes and ethnic groups that were the origin of the Uzbeks. The Uzbek rites are very original and diverse. Many of the rites are related to family life, the birth and education of the child, marriages, funerals. The rites linked to birth and the education of children (beshik-toi, hatna-kilish), marriage (fatiha-toyi, marriage) play an important role in the life of the Uzbeks.

These rites are the mixture of Islamic rites with more ancient rites of the Zoroastrian period. With the arrival of Islam religious Muslim rites have entered the life of the Uzbeks. But the Uzbek Muslims do not consider Friday as the holiday.


Beshik-toyii is the birthplace of the cradle. The first baby rocking is celebrated in the wooden cradle.

This is one of the oldest and widespread rites in Uzbekistan. Usually, the baby is cradled in the cradle on the 7th, 9th, 11th day of his birthday. This holiday depends on ease in the family. This event is widely celebrated in the rich families, but it passes modestly among the families of the small budget.

We only make Beshik-toyi for the first child of the young family. The parents of the mother of the baby prepare Beshik (the cradle) and its necessary belongings. The cakes, sweets, toys, and gifts are prepared for the baby, the parents and the grandparents of the baby. The richly decorated cradle is loaded with gifts to the vehicle. And the relatives of the baby’s mother, under the sounds of national instruments leave for the home of the baby’s parents. Everyone is invited to the rich table and we have fun, listen to the musicians, dance. In the next room the old women swaddling and rocking the child beshik. At the end of the ceremony the relatives and the guests come to the baby to offer him the gifts and throw on beshik candies and money.

The wedding

When young people decide to marry, the young man’s mother with some women from her entourage goes to the young girl’s house.